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Emergency Mastitis Appointments

Available either via Telehealth (Australia wide) or via home visits within Port Lincoln. 

Emergency Mastitis Booking Form

Please first check for any last minute availability via our "Book Now" function. If there are no appointments available within 24 hours, then please complete this form and I'll get back to you ASAP regarding an out of hours appointment. 

Please select which of the following symptoms you are experiencing:
Preferred mode of appointment:

Thanks for messaging! I'll get back to you ASAP.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is where lactating breast tissue becomes inflamed, resulting in either one or both breasts, feeling red, hot, tight/hard and tender, and can even bring on flu like symptoms. It is important to note that you don't need to have all of these symptoms mentioned to be suffering from Mastitis, and that it is something that requires immediate attention. Without proper treatment and advice, the inflammation can worsen extremely quickly, making you extremely unwell and can lead to bacterial mastitis. The good news is, treatment can make you feel immensely better, very quickly too. 

Jess has specific training in managing inflammatory conditions of the lactating breast, including painful blocked ducts, white spot, and Mastitis. 

What happens during a Mastitis session?

All sessions can be done either in person, or 100% remotely, in fact, most of my sessions are done online with absolutely brilliant results. During the initial Mastitis session, we will go through a thorough history and see if we can work out what brought on your symptoms. We do a large amount of myth busting some of the old wives tales, and a heap of education. My aim is to give you a toolkit of strategies for you to self manage over the next few days, and I teach you what many mums have dubbed "Boob Voodoo" - the most brilliant way to quickly and easily calm down your symptoms and pain yourself. 


If we do an in person session, we can bring additional relief by using therapeutic Ultrasound* to help soften the breast tissue, in conjunction with the standard education and treatment. Ultrasound is very safe, painless and has been proven to improve Mastitis symptoms after just one session. It can take as little as 2-3 days to completely resolve your symptoms, and we often will require 2-3 days of treatment in a row to ensure this happens. (*please note, additional time is needed to do the Ultrasound, so an additional $15 fee applies)

Mastitis can get really bad, really quick, which is why we offer these Emergency bookings & will endeavour to get to you within 24 hours (pending of course that I am in Port Lincoln & not away!).

Did you know, having Mastitis previously makes you extremely more likely to get it again, either over the course of the same lactation, or in a subsequent lactation? We treat mastitis holistically, looking at an array of factors, with the aim to reduce the likelihood of it happening again. This may mean we recruit the skills of our wonderful Lactation Consultants. We all bring different tools to the table and are all here for you and your bub. 


So please don't wait to see if it gets worse, or brush it off, immediate action is required. You can first try the online booking function to see if it's your lucky day to get an appointment today, however if there is no availability within 24 hours, then please get in touch using the form on this page for an Emergency visit & I will be in touch ASAP. 


Here for you & your 'girls' -- Jess 

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