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How do home visits work?

How do home visits work?

A home visit as just what it seems; I come to you for our session. Take away the stress of getting out of the house with the kids, working around their naps, transport issues following a c-section! They're all gone! I bring my treatment table (think a portable massage bed!), and my bag with everything we will need & we can achieve everything we would in a clinic, but at your place. I keep everything extremely Covid-19 safe, with hand washing and sanitising, & wipes proven to kill Covid-19. Read on for more info. 

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What do I need to supply for our sessions?

All I need from you is:

1) a comfortable space for us to sit and chat, whether it be at your dining table, kitchen bench, or lounge

2) an open space to set up my portable bed 

3) two towels & a pillow

4) a box of tissues

Then we are all set! Up to you completely where you would feel most comfortable for our assessment/treatment to happen, either in your lounge, or more privately in a bedroom/office. 

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What area of Port Lincoln do you service? 

I travel anywhere within a 10 min drive from the Port Lincoln City Centre, including Port Lincoln, Boston, Duckponds, & Tiatukia. Slightly further out? Get in touch & we can see what we can arrange, however this will likely incur an extra travel charge. 

Clinic sessions are located at my clinic space (NEW in 2024) on Railway Place, opposite the Railway Museum and between the TAFE carpark and West Coast Gin Distillery. To find this on Google Maps, please type in 125 Washington St, or click here. Plenty of on street parking is available.

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I'm at work all day, but really want to see you, what can we do?

Can't get home during your work hours, or live out of town? I can come to your work! We just need a completely private space and the same requirements as what is needed for a home visit (see above). Otherwise you can now book one of our 'clinic sessions' located on Railway Place in Port Lincoln.

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My child(ren) will be home at the time, is that okay?

Definitely! That is part of the reason I come to you, so they are in their own space and it saves you the hassle of finding a sitter. The Women’s Health Initial assessments are quite lengthy & we also talk quite private chit chat for a while (plus they often include a vaginal assessment), so try to have them prepped with a few of their favourite things ready to entertain them, especially for our first 60-75 minute session. 

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What happens at a Women’s Health Appointment?

A 75 minute appointment sounds like a long time doesn’t it? Well I tell you what, we need it & it will fly by! We start off by mainly talking, going through a heap of questions about your symptoms so I can paint a really good picture in my mind of what we are going to need to look for and assess. I am a huge believer in educating you about what happens to our bodies during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, so depending on your symptoms, I will teach you what has likely led to where you are now and what we will need to look for, and how we can do that. Most of the time, the gold standard of assessment for any pelvic issue, or postnatal pelvic screening, is to do an internal vaginal assessment. I know the concept of this can be terrifying, however I promise you I always keep this as brief, light hearted (you will laugh at some point I’m sure!), and educational as possible. And most of the time, my ladies go “oh, is that all?!”. It is 100x more comfortable and tolerable than a pap smear! Do I really need a vaginal examination I hear you ask? Well of course it is your choice, however I liken this to asking a physio to treat your shoulder by looking at your foot. We really can’t get any idea of how your shoulder is functioning, what the support structures are like or how well you can use it by looking at your foot, and the same goes with any of the pelvic floor muscles, fascia and pelvic organs! They’re all internal, so that’s where we get our best information from. So, once we’ve worked out what is going on, together we will come up with a plan of attack and then that will be our whirlwind of a session complete! Sometimes I don't need to see you for 4-6 weeks after that, other times it’ll be much sooner, it really just depends on what is going on and what your goals are. I also try my hardest to make sure any homework or instructions I give you are written down, so don’t feel like you need to remember every word we’ve discussed during our time together. I’ve got your back!

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Do you do general Physio treatments as well?

Don't need to see me for Pelvic Floor or Pregnancy related Physio, instead have aches and pains that need treating? I will happily come to you! Just book a "General Physiotherapy" session.

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I’m pregnant, which type of consult should I book?

I need more info! Are you suffering neck/back/pelvis/wrist etc types of pain? Then go ahead and book a ‘General Physiotherapy Initial’. Or do we need to delve deeper? If you’re concerned about internal pelvic pain, bladder or bowel control issues, sexual pain, or prolapse symptoms (heaviness or a bulge usually felt vaginally), please book a ‘Pregnancy Initial Consult’ as these types of issues often need an internal assessment. Still not sure? Ask me directly!

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What if I have my period and are booked in for a Women’s Health consult?

This is totally your preference, however it actually doesn’t affect our time together at all from my perspective. I always have personal wipes for you to use before any internal assessments so you can feel clean. And I know how hard it is for us to make our schedules line up at times, so I’d hate for your monthly cycle to be a burden on our plans! Please just remember that we do have a cancellation policy, and do require 4 hours notice if you can’t attend to avoid our 50% cancellation fee (head to our Fees page for more information).

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How long will our session go for?

Depends what you’re in for! Women's Health and Postnatal Initial Assessments Initials are a jam-packed 75 min session, and Mastitis Initials are a 60 min session. All other consults are 45 mins which allows time for set up/pack down plus 30-40 mins for our session.  

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How much notice do I have to give to change or cancel my appointment?

When booking an appointment, you are accepting our cancellation policy, which requires you to give a minimum 4 hours notice if you are unable to attend, otherwise you will be charged 50% of your appointment fee. If I arrive to your nominated premises and you aren't there within 15 mins, or I am sent away, you will be invoiced for the full fee. Same for a clinic session, if you do not arrive to your scheduled appointment, you will be invoiced for the full fee. Where possible, it would be wonderful if you could provide as much time as possible so someone else who has been waiting for an appointment has the opportunity to get in. Please head to our Fees page for more information & our full cancellation policy.

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How do I pay? Can I use my Private Health Insurance?

Sure can! I have a mobile HICAPS terminal, where we can swipe your private health card, and you'll just have to pay the gap on the spot. **Please note, not all Health Funds allow us to use a mobile terminal unfortunately. Click this link to see if your fund will**. If your health fund is not on this list, you will need to pay in full either via cash or card, and I will be able to email or post you a copy of the paid invoice for you to claim back manually with your health fund afterwards. 

No private health insurance for Physiotherapy? No worries! You will just need to cover the full price of the consult independently via either card (preferred) or cash. 


If you want to know in advance what your gap will be, you will need to call your health fund directly and quote the item code(s) and our fees that you will find on the Fees page. Please remember that all fees must be paid in full on the day of service. 

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Can Return to Work SA, MVA, DVA, NDIS or My Aged Care (& the like) pay for my sessions?

Unfortunately at this stage, I am only accepting private clients (those who pay the fee in full themselves, or who pay the gap using their private health insurance) so cannot see any clients wishing to fund their appointments though any third party payer.

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How do I book an appointment?

Simple! Online is the easiest way & will show up any availability that I have, plus give you the option to add yourself to the waiting list. It is easy to book from our website or facebook page. Not tech savvy? Then call me on 0475 714 114, however please remember the majority of my time I’m visiting clients, giving them 100% of my attention, and only work part time, so I may not answer, but I will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

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Do I need a referral?

Nope! Just head online and book in. If you do have a referral from your GP or a specialist, I always love extra information, so feel free to get them to email it directly to me at

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I’ve tried calling with no answer, how do I get in touch?

I am a one woman show, and only working part time while my own little people need me around. When you’re in a consult with me, you will get my undivided attention, so I won’t be answering the phone. Please, please, please leave me a message, send a text or email. I promise I’ll get back to you ASAP. The best way to book or change an appointment is to do so online, either via the website, or facebook or instagram. If you need to message me directly, do so on 0475 714 114 or via the Contact Us page. 

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Have another question not answered here?

Please head over to our Contact Us page & send me a message there, or text our number on 0475 714 114 & I will get back to you ASAP.

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